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Our Story

Few things About Us

We have come a long way in creating WeelWork. Hundreds of mistakes and thousands of failures led us to the optimal solution to the basic problems in recruiting. We were engaged in recruiting, we were in the role of clients in recruiting. At all stages, we worked with freelance recruiters and recruitment companies and at all stages we encountered similar problems. The creation of a platform that solves these problems was the logical and natural result. Now we are WeelWork, and we are going to protect you from the problems associated with IT recruiting.


Our Top Missions

WeelWork is created for professional recruitment. Without unnecessary words and without unnecessary clicks and actions – everything is aimed at reducing time spent in bureaucracy and unnecessary research and expectations. Everything from the recruiter profile to the method of communication is aimed at effective work. We are creating a platform that is going to be considered a reliable and authoritative place for recruiting.

Direct communication

We know how difficult is to negotiate or solve complex problems quickly. Therefore, we set the system to avoid unnecessary information transfer channels and speed up all processes. But at the same time, we can affect the negotiations, if necessary.


We know how privacy is important in work. This is a competitive advantage. We appreciate that and keep your work in privacy.

Cross regional work

It is truly difficult to find recruiters around you, let alone other countries. We have solved this problem. Now it is possible to find those who will help you, anywhere in the world.

Save time

Our main task is to save your time. We try to make sure that routine tasks are solved automatically and you are focused on staff hiring without delay, bureaucracy or cheating.


The spontaneous recruitment market needs someone to resolve disputes and focus everyone on work. WeelWork acts as an arbitrator in the resolution of disputes and in case of breach of the agreements.


Success in recruiting is a set of probabilities. Hundreds of factors influence on success in this field, therefore we create opportunities to distribute risks and maximize the effect of hitting the target.